Hello My Love

26 Feb

Love never stops being Love.

It is always there though it may

change with time.

Love is FUN…sometimes, and sometimes

it hurts.

Love is always Love and

like the sun, it burns through snow and wind to warm the hardest souls.

It will never leave.

The presence of Love in your life is inevitable. Embrace it.

Be joyful and grateful

for the eternal presence of Love.

Love is always, with You.

Happy Friday, My Love



Free Yourself: Forgive

19 Feb

After struggling to deal with letting go and forgiving, I was reminded this week that holding a grudge does more harm to you than the person who wronged you.

There is only “wrong” if you continue to fuel it with memory, anger and frustration.

More often than not, the person in need of your forgiveness, doesn’t actually need your forgiveness, they are merely misunderstood.

In this situation, give them love, give them support and give them chocolate.

The World would be a better place if everyone ate more chocolate.

Happy Friday Happy People.

Free yourself today and buy someone a chocolate.

The Best Kind of Love

12 Feb

Would you ever take a journey, if you knew ahead of time that you’d become hopelessly lost, have your heart broken into pieces, and sometimes wish you’d never been born?

Now, how about if you knew ahead of time that on that very same journey you’d also find yourself, fall passionately in love, and live happily ever after?

Whoever said that loving would be an easy journey?

An easy journey results in ingratitude for our blessings.

I wondered how after heartbreak and falling apart, one finds the strength to love anyone else again…

I discovered that people’s profuse love for others turned out to be a profuse love for their own supercoolhappyselves.

 So I started loving my supercoolself until I became a supercoolhappyself and now can profusely love all supercoolhappypeople in my life.

We have nothing to give to anyone, until we give to ourselves.

Happy Friday supercoolhappypeople!

Have a Happy Love Day on Sunday!

The Small Joys

5 Feb

Joy surrounds us always.

Each moment holds a myriad of beauties waiting to be explored.
Just closing your eyes to feel the feeling of breathing this life-giving air is
refreshing and free.

It  is in seeking the small, fleeting joys in every moment that we begin to
live with joy.
When we notice the small, fleeting moments of joy then we begin to find
that life conspires to make us happy.
In strange, new and wonderful ways life is full of joys, both big and small.

Happy Friday!

On Lightening Up

28 Jan
Seek to forgive rather than to blame.
Seek to love rather than to fear.
Seek to be open rather than to hide from pain.

When we are open, when we love, when we forgive, 
this is when
we are most free. This is when we start to live. 
This is when hope
becomes real.

For there is nothing that is good that can live under 
a blanket of fear.
There is nothing that is beautiful that can blossom 
in pain.
And surely nothing can be mended while the workmen 
point fingers
at each other.

Seek to forgive.
Seek to love.
Seek openness.

These are the steps on the path to mastery.

Happy Friday!

On Emotions

15 Jan

Joy will turn to sadness and sadness back to joy. This is the nature of emotions. They are fleeting like the daily passage of the sun.

You truly master life when you let emotions come and go while examining and diving deeply into them when they appear for you.

In this way you feel the fullness of your human experience while remaining free from attachment to those emotions.

This way emotions become sails that move us forward through life rather than anchors keep us stuck in the past.

So seek to feel deeply then let go. In this way you become free.

Happy 2010!

Happy Friday!

New Year’s Revolution

27 Dec

This being the last Happy Friday of this year, we have decided to share some resolutions that we think would make 2008 lighter and wonderfuller than any other year EVER!

It is our hope that this is the dawning of a new earth. A planet where freedom is, where unity is, where love is.

These ‘resolutions of revolution’ are a simple set of ways of being that could lead us there.

  • Be kind: treat everyone like you would treat a playful toddler or a little old lady.
  • Be gentle: leave a legacy of tenderness, warmth and happy memories.
  • Be positive: know that whether good or bad everything will eventaully change.
  • Be hopeful: a positive vision of the future creates a positive future for your vision.
  • Be free: free your mind and it will free your flesh – seek freedom most of all.
  • Be brave: stand for your highest values rather than against your deepest fears. That is the way of mastery.
  • Be wise: seek much knowledge and share it generously – this is true wisdom.
  • Be beautiful: beauty is not the absence of flaws, it is the gracious acceptance of them.
  • Be blessed: half the value of a blessing is in realising you’ve recieved it.
  • Be authentically YOU: you are divinity’s greatest gift to this universe. Share the gift of your being that is light, love and life.

 So, here’s to a year of hope, happiness and high achievement.

Here’s to 2008. Cheers!



 Happy Friday & Happy Holidays


‘To think we are able is almost to be so – to determine upon attainment is frequently attainment itself.’

– Samuel Smiles